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Focus Abroad, a reputable student visa consultancy based in India, assists students in finding admission to prestigious colleges in Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Europe. In the last ten years, we have successfully reached the milestone of stamping 1000+ visas.

Every aspirant to international education wants and deserves to receive the best coaching possible for their situation. At Study World, we carefully and methodically prepare every step of the students’ migration to foreign universities.

Our success rates in obtaining visas are high, and we have a wealth of knowledge. We specialize in difficult, denied, and dependent and spouse visa situations. Students who choose us as their guide benefit greatly from our planned approach and good relationships with institutions.

The most highly recommended organization when it comes to learning IELTS, studying abroad, visitor visas, and open work permits is Focus Abroad of institutes. The top brand in northern India has reached a significant milestone by opening 4 outlets in the area with the highest success rate for obtaining visas. In addition, the organization offers its specialized services in Canada to help students get work permits, switch colleges or universities, invite their parents, and seek for permanent residency after their studies are over.

Get guidance from a professional, which Focus Abroad offers you at the closest branch in your region, to save time, money, and problems. Contact Focus Abroad to pursue your dream of graduating from internationally famous colleges and to gain entrance to the exclusive institutions of higher learni

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